Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The first question from man to God "Am I my brother's keeper?" was asked by Cain in what I imagine was a snarky and sullen tone. And God's holy response was "your brother's blood cries out to me!"

We have all felt the pain of injustice directed towards us and we have all been grateful when someone else pleaded our cause and helped carry our burden.  

No one wants to prod the snake inside another human being or a group of people.  Venom can spew. It can be deadly. But the snake in each of us needs to die and exposure is often the best way to kill it.

History gives us countless examples of what happens when we don't fight against injustice. I have seen circa 1940 pictures of German citizens sunbathing on the beach while unspeakable atrocities were occurring in their country.  I am that sunbather.

I am so humbled by those who face imprisonment, slander, torture, and death daily for the the offenses against others.  I am not that person. But God has been growing in me a flicker of courage to become more like that person. Keeping everything safe, fun, and pretty is harming me.

This month, Andy and I have been talking about our complacency.  That is one of my snakes that needs exposure.  The can't-wait-to-crawl-into-bed, bone-tired days of early parenting are long gone and now ease is my normal. The terrifyingly accurate picture of my life can be found in the warnings to the complacent in Amos 6:4-6.

So... I am not sure where this is going yet for my life but I am confident God is working on me and on my family. We are ready for some accountability.  

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